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Workplace Pension Scheme Choices

This space is changing a lot especially when it comes to the new Work Place Pension Scheme and the opportunities available. At Moyes Investments we sit down with you to assess what your needs are and what you are looking to achieve, Once defined we can help put together a proposition to meet these objective according to the rules set by the Government. We believe there are four stages to the process:-

  1. The first stage is to find out when a company’s staging date is and this can be gained using The Pensions Regulators web site link below:- In an ideal world a company should be 12 months ahead of their staging date when planning commences to choose an appropriate scheme.
  2. This would feed stage two when Moyes investments would then sit down with the client to discuss their needs and objectives. This circa 12 month time frame isn’t mandatory but would allow plenty of time to talk through the needs of the company and the requirements of the Government with an adviser without any unnecessary time pressures. With three months to go discussing, researching and implementing a scheme would then start to be difficult. Not impossible but challenging.
  3. Stage three would be for Moyes Investments to conduct some market research to look for suitable solutions according to the objectives set.
  4. Finally a discussion around a suitable solution would then clarify a way forward leaving time for further discussion and implementation.

Directors and key Staff

In practice there does not have to be a ‘one size’ fits all solution to this opportunity and outcomes can be achieved to suit a company as a whole or individual needs for Directors / Key people and staff separately.  As an example you can have in-excess of 50 + different sets of arrangements for different departments and a separate plan for senior management all in one scheme. You really can make this what you like according to the framework offered by different providers. It is after all a company’s choice what to implement once they know what is available.

Clearly advice is key and we are always happy to assist people in this process.

*The levels, bases and reliefs from taxation are subject to the individual circumstances of the Investor. Past performance is not a guide to future performance and should not be used to assess the risk associated with the investment