How can I bring my ethics into my investment portfolio?

While every investor wants to make a good return on their funds, many people are now looking for options to make a profit while also remaining ethical. At Moyes Investments, there has been an upsurge in clients wanting to make socially responsible investments and needing our help in selecting the appropriate funds. If you are interested in how to align your portfolio decisions with the causes that matter to you, here’s a look at what you can expect.

Ethical investments aren’t a fad

Morality investments aren’t a new concept, the first mainstream ethical fund was launched in 1984 by Friends Provident, and it was cruelly labelled the ‘Brazil fund’ because “you’d be nuts to invest in it”. These days, the stigma that surrounded the early endeavours into ethical investments has gone, and there are some interesting options out there. It’s helpful to have a clear idea of the causes that mean the most to you. Money talks – so, by putting financial support behind specific funds you can affect real change across the world, and, also put pressure on companies by making your shareholder voice heard. The question is, where are you going to put your money?

Screen your funds

At Moyes Investments, we can screen funds for you ahead of any investment decision. Many clients are clear that they want to rule out companies that are involved in the tobacco industry, weapons, pornography, gambling or nuclear power. The issue of climate change and protecting the natural world is significant for many of our clients, and that means avoiding companies who pollute the environment, produce fossil fuels or test their products on animals. We are also asked to screen companies who violate human rights, or are associated with modern slavery in their supply chains.

A cause worth fighting for

As well as screening for negative funds, we can also screen to seek funds that match the causes you are passionate about. There are plenty of options for investment in companies that produce clean energy, make positive environmental contributions or have a strong record with workers’ rights. Some funds will measure their ethical performance against benchmarks like the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, for example. As a stakeholder, you will have a voice and can hold funds to account against the standards they have set. With big businesses across the globe being vocal in their commitment to environmental protection and human rights, there are a great deal of ethical funds emerging.

Performance indicators

By choosing ethical investment funds, you will rule out a significant amount of options in your portfolio. However, the cynicism surrounding the profitability of socially responsible investments has dissipated. Considering the commitments that the UK Government and international bodies have made to cut carbon emissions, to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels, and to build driverless, electric cars, there’s never been a better time to buy into these funds. In fact, although there is a resilience in gas and oil investments, there is a question of how long they will be viable in the face of global change. So, if you’re interested in making a move that suits your morals, and your portfolio, it’s a good time to explore your options.

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