Investment Committee

Informed decision making with you in mind.

About our Investment Committee Meeting

Our primary objective is select strategically, minimise your risk and maximise your return by close and regular monitoring of all funds.

Our Investment Committee meets monthly and communicates at 3 monthly intervals (January, April, July and October) to assess the performance of our clients’ portfolios and their component funds, recommending adjustments as appropriate. We also rebalance the portfolios every 6 months, where necessary, to maintain our respective client risk profiles and fund performance.  This is usually performed in January and July.

We like where possible, to maintain top quartile ranking on all of our funds. These are funds that are in the top 25% of their sector. We believe that holding funds in the top 25% means that we are able to seize the maximum opportunities possible in each particular market. There are occasions where some funds may slip into 2nd quartile. While this is not necessarily where we would like them to be, it is still acceptable. Chasing or predicting top quartile performance can be difficult to achieve 100% of the time as sometimes even the best of funds slip a little. It is difficult, if not impossible, to be on top all of the time.

However the committee will take action on funds that are in the 3rd or 4th quartile. These funds start by being placed on a ‘Watch List’ where we pay particular attention to them. If they are on the ‘Watch List’ for more than two consecutive quarters there is a strong possibility that they will be removed and replaced by better funds. If funds on the ‘Watch List’ improve there is every possibility that they could be taken off. On rare occasions, there is a chance a fund could be removed immediately from the portfolio without even appearing on the ‘watch list’.