About us

We are passionate about what we do and care about your future

Our pledge

  • We pledge a personalised hand-held experience of financial planning advice and offer you guidance and knowledge to help you reach your aspirations.
  • We will discuss and explain the full range of investment options to include alternative investments and ethnic options as appropriate.
  • We will build an investment portfolio that matches your risk profile
  • We can help maximise your tax efficient income
  • We are approved qualified Financial Advisors with Discretionary Fund Manager permissions

About Us: 

Antony Moyes  – Chief Investment Officer
Moyes Investments was founded by Antony Moyes, Chief Investment Officer who directs and manages the business.  The company has a national client base, with Cambridge, East Anglia and London being the regions where our core client base resides.  Antony conducts financial planning and advice for private and corporate clients and Moyes Investments is proud to be one of the 3.12% of IFA’s nationally offering Discretionary Fund Management advice. The investment side of the company has evolved and successful referral work has streamlined the business more into the Investment arena.

Our Promise:
We promise is to listen to all of your needs, priorities and to your goals.  We will assess your personal situation and map out your financial journey with the appropriate products that will benefit you.  We will direct you to your desired destination tax efficiently, monitoring and reporting your investments quarterly to you.  In short, we will manage your money and make your money work for you.

Antony’s Blog:
I discovered a few years ago that I have a lot inside my head that can change people lives for the better quite significantly. The subject matter isn’t too complicated either, it just needs explaining in a clear and logical manner so people can understand it. I actually think if you received an education on this as school, even at a basic level; it would make tacking life finances much easier.

I am a second career individual after 12 years in the Royal Air Force and now the founder and Director of Moyes Investments. The company, established in 2012, has worked successfully and solely on a referral basis and its only now (after much nagging from my Marketing Manager), that I am going public on media websites.  Our growth and sustainability has been largely due to the fact that I have always been more than happy to impart knowledge and provide people with an actual understanding of the figures.  Having launched and maintained a successful financial services business, I bring a lot of my own life’s experiences with me to our discussions.

The investment management business model that MOYES Financial Planning operates is what I like to think of as ‘new school’.  This is where the funds held in clients Pensions, Stocks and Shares ISA’s and Investment Bonds are checked every three months and re-balanced every six months as required. This has proved to be a really successful process for the last few years and I’m delighted to talk to people about it to see if they would like to embrace it for themselves. My philosophy is pretty basic; I like to feel ALL of our clients lives have been enriched by their engagement and experience with Moyes Investments.

Antony’s Profile
Antony joined the Financial Services sector in 2004, following a successful 12 year career in The Royal Air Force. Initially focussed on mortgage services, Antony developed the business further to incorporate a comprehensive Financial Advice service. Armed with qualifications in mortgage and financial advice, Moyes Investments is now fully equipped to offer a ‘new School’ approach to investment management strategy through a portfolio service.

  • Source – Three Sixty/Pam Dirctory 2016/2017