Personal Wealth Management

Your money, your peace of mind.

We can help you devise your most efficient and rewarding financial plan for your investments, pensions, retirement and inheritance planning.

We will sit down with you and help you plan financial goals. Once quantified we will then put together an investment strategy to help you achieve these goals and realise you, and your family aspirations.

Once we have qualified your objective and strategies with you, we offer a Discretionary Fund Managers approach to managing client assets. This is deemed to be an experience for the wealthy, but Moyes Investments is bucking trend bringing this high-quality service to everybody.

Case Studies

Wealth Accumulation

Wealth Accumulation

Jenny is a high rate taxpayer and lives with her family, husband Damian and their 11 year old daughter Alice.  They have a mortgage with a 40% balance outstanding.  Jenny first contacted Moyes in 2012, when we advised her on some tax and income implications on a property investment.  It was not in Jenny’s interest to move forward with us at that the time and we were honest and told her so.  Accordingly, we didn’t charge her for the consultation and simply asked her if she would bear us in mind at a further date if and when she needed some more advice.  Some 18 months later, Jenny telephoned again, this time to assist with a mortgage application and a life protection policy.

We are still working with Jenny and Damian today and helping them with a ‘life plan’.  We work with all our clients in drafting this helping to sharing their vision with us.  It helps us assess their ‘attitude to risk’ as we get to know our clients on a more personal level. It also helps us steer you towards your aspirations and encourages you to try and plan financially for a more secure future.  Of course, we all know life’s path is never a straight one but there are certainly milestones and goals we will work hard with you to help you reach.

Jenny & Damian’s focus now is on their pensions, and we have helped with assessing how much is contributed into their private and company scheme and what is the most tax efficient way for them to do so.  Working with theiraccountant we have also been successful in gaining a rebate for Jenny from HMRC.  We are also working on additional tax planning for other income streams while maximising their annual Stocks and Shares ISA thresholds because they intend to cash some of these in for Alice’s university fees hopefully.

Wealth Preservation

Hi Catherine, when you came to Moyes Investments did you already have an active portfolio?

Yes, I’d been working with another financial adviser but I didn’t think I was getting a particularly good service. I’m quite savvy but felt I needed a fresh pair of eyes to look at my investments, and to start working with someone who’d be more dynamic with my portfolio.

What made you decide Moyes Investments was the right company to help you?

When I met the company, I felt through the meetings I had that I had faith in their ability. Having asked me all sorts of questions about what I wanted to achieve; they made some recommendations that made absolute sense to me. I take an active interest in financial planning, I don’t simply hand things over to an adviser and say, ‘Do what you will!’. Their suggesting made good sense and I trusted they would do a good job.

What were your financial goals at the start of the process?

It was to make the very best of the pot of money I had. I had Stocks and Shares ISA primarily, but I also had other funds sitting in isolation. The most sensible suggestion made was that I should work with Moyes and move everything over to the ISA. The other funds held were liable to income and capital gains tax, this way, once in the ISA, all the money was more tax efficient offering tax free income into the future. It was a no-brainer once pointed it out to me. It’s interesting though, as this hadn’t been suggested as a key investment optionbefore.

Was there anything about the service you received that particularly impressed you?

It’s been a multiple of years now but, I’ve always felt that somebody is actively watching my money. I get regular quarterly reports on the performance of the portfolio, and I can see that things are moving in the right direction.

The Discretionary Fund Management is a treat, and I can see how agile they can be with fund changes. It gives me piece of mind that I don’t have to worry about it, and its definitely in good hands.

Their Investment Committee meet monthly and monitors the portfolio so I know my money is being carefully watched, I didn’t have that comfort before!

Would you recommend Moyes Investments to other people looking to invest for their retirement?

I wouldn’t hesitate to and not just for their retirement purposes. I’m very happy with the team at Moyes investments, they’ve been brilliant. I love that they are attentive, and you get through to an actual person.  I live over 150 miles from their offices, but they are always completely accessible. I also have mobile numbers too if I want to discuss or query anything.

I’m 61, so I’ll be getting my pension and finishing work in the next few years. They always look at the whole picture, never just the investments, looking after my future, helping me to provide for my life’s needs in the best possible way.

Wealth Preservation / Planning for Retirement

Deborah is retired and in her mid-60’s and was concerned about her money lasting through her retirement. She lives on her own and does not have a mortgage. Prior to becoming a Moyes Investmentsclient a few years back, Deborah was with another Independent Financial Adviser and was used to a reliable, although more of an ad hock service, where she felt her investments were not checked as often as she would have liked.  Deborah was concerned about her investments** and their underlying value and wanted more attention and management given to her money.

She also wanted to talk about her overall income and what could be done to reduce her income tax if possible. Deborah had a buy-to-let property, some Stocks and Shares ISA’s and some other liquid assets. Inheritance Tax* also came to the table as we looked at the overall picture for her.

We again reviewed her current overall situation, including all of her assets and we then moved on to what Deborah enjoys doing and discussed her aspirations for the future. On discovering she is a fan of the Theatre and enjoys socialising with her friends, (which includes mini-break weekends!) we were able to help her establish and receive an income she needed to maintain this life-style.

Investment Management

We offered Deborah our Discretionary Fund Management Service and assured her of our signature hand-held client care, with a dedicated internal Investment Committee, where we check and monitor clients funds each month. We do not have access to Deborah’s’ money, but we do have the necessary FCA permissions, and the access to change the investments funds more efficiently than more normal financial adviser firms.

Writing out to every client, every time you need to make a change is time consuming and not client efficient, subsequently then missing opportunities. But, with the fund management status, we can make changes to all clients much more effectively at the same time.

Moyes Investments operate under the watchful eye of 2 appointed Investment Fund Managers and our Investment committee meet monthly to check the funds and make sure we’re maximising the opportunities for all our clients.  Our DFM status means we can adjust clients’ funds much more quickly and efficiently, if required.

*The levels, bases and reliefs from taxation are subject to the individual circumstances of the Investor.

**It may be difficult to sell or realise the investment, or obtain information about its value, or the extent of the risks to which it is exposed. As property is a specialist sector it can be volatile in adverse market conditions, there could be delays in realising the investment. Property valuation is a matter of judgement by an independent value therefore it is generally a matter of opinion rather than fact.
Past performance is not a guide to future performance and should not be used to assess the risk associated with the investment

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